Enterprise Services

Project Rescue

Have a technology project yielding suboptimal results? We successfully assist and bring to conclusion a solid deliverable when little hope remains of salvaging the effort. Happy to discuss your needs to see if we are a fit.

Product Management Assistance

Need to evolve a product and the vendor or team is not understanding what you need? We can translate your requirements to your technical resources, work with your developers to optimize their effort, and make your end users happy. Results proven with several Fortune 500 companies, for example.

Senior Solution Architect

Our beloved core competency: we love solving complex technology problems. Let us work with you or your team to put together a problem summary list and match each with solutions to yield results. Happy to work with your legal team, administrators, engineers, global help desk teams, partner level EAs/VAs, plus skilled in working with technical resources in 14 countries. We really enjoy improving the lives of your team through efficient technological solutions.

Executive/Stakeholder to Technician Translation

Although we use this skill frequently on many projects, we wanted to call out the skill explicitly as enough people told us it's a valuable skill we provide, less common than you might think. We wanted you to know we can help keep your developers and admins running smoothly. So, now you know we can help here as well.