Our Founder

Bill is a seasoned expert at solving complex technical business challenges with effective solutions that create client cost saves. As a company, we enjoying providing results and removing technical pain many teams or firms experience with their computing solutions.

For you, navigating the intricate world of software solutions can be daunting. That's where Bill Malchisky steps in. With insights gained from Wall Street's brightest minds and a history of working in regulated verticals, Bill understands the unique challenges you face. Since 1999, he's been dedicated to ensuring businesses like yours save money, add value, and avoid pitfalls. Have you ever felt the need for guidance tailored just for you? Bill has shared his expertise at over 50 conferences and user group events, helping business owners, admins, and developers optimize their operations. His co-authored IBM Redbooks on Linux and collaborative book, "The Transformational Journey," are testaments to his commitment to empowering businesses. Recognized as an IBM Champion and honored by HCL Software as a Lifetime Ambassador, Bill's accolades are a reflection of his dedication to clients like you. But beyond accolades, it's his continuous learning and genuine passion for helping businesses thrive that sets him apart. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, save costs, or simply seeking guidance in the software realm, Bill is here for you.